Do you.....Tweet, use Facebook, interact with FourSquare, have a profile on LinkedIn or Plaxo ? 

Does your business have a presence there like a Facebook Fan page, a FourSquare location, or a common interest group on LinkedIn ?

If not, you have put your self in a weak position.  People do business with people they know or people who are referred to them by their friends and family.  Social media is a way to be "known" by a lot of people without having to have actual physical interactions.  It allows you to leverage your time to reach the most prospects possible.  Whether you use your social media presence to :

Engage current and prospective customers in a realtime conversation
Provide customer service or keep customers apprised of the latest information about problems
Create a trusted, influential image for yourself or your business
Launch new products
Listen to what the market is saying about you or your products & services

If you're not using Social Media, you need to and we're ready to help you create your presence and train you to use it effectively & safely.

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