've paid thousands of dollars for a website (or tried to build one yourself) but:
Your website ranks on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page (or even deeper) in a Google search
No one is visiting your site
You are getting site visitors but no one is buying your products or services

These are all indicators that your website has not been designed correctly, your keywords were chosen poorly, or you are missing certain key files that make it easy for the search engines to rank you.

Now you can spend $5,000.....$10,000 or even more for someone to "optimize" your website but wouldn't you like to know what is wrong before you spend all that money ?

We can help - let us run an analysis of the top 5 pages of your site and provide you a comprehensive report and a list of suggestions to remedy the problems we find.  With that in hand you can make informed decisions and manage the SEO process like a pro.  You may find that you need nothing more than some very simple solutions and with that information you can negotiate a reasonable price for the work.  If you problems are larger it may make sense to redesign your site from the ground up.  Regardless of what the report turns up you'll be an informed consumer.

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Comprehensive SEO analysis and report


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Once your report is in hand we will be happy to quote you on the work that needs to be done - think you already know what is wrong ?  CONTACT US and give us your URL so we can provide you an accurate quote.