Clients and prospects have short memories and if you haven't been in front of them in the last 30 days there is a good chance they won't remember you the next time they need the services or products that they offer.  How do you avoid this problem without having to spend all your time making calls and visits ? 

Start an electronic newsletter today !
Imagine delivering an informative, timely electronic newsletter to your clients monthly...sometimes without even writing the articles !  You can be in front of your prospects monthly, every two weeks....or even weekly if it's appropriate in your industry. 

If you're in front of them on a regular basis then you're in the front of their minds when they buy products and services...or when their friends & family ask for a referral to a company that sells what they need.  You deserve to get that business and an electronic newsletter can ensure that you do !

Take a look at some of the newsletters that we write for clients:

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